Friday, February 5, 2010

This Year: New and Exciting Projects

John Eliot Elementary School After School Program

After some fantastic adventures with the Cambridge Friends School, this semester we will be involved with our own local elementary school at John Eliot (10 min away), where we will run a Turtle Art after school program. Details to be found at

XO Jam for G1G1 Owners

How many of you have XOs and really don't know how to enjoy it? How many little kids do you think might have the same problem? We've been getting enough interest from parents of disinterested children to see this as an area where we can take action. One thing we hope to try this year is an afternoon or evening session, where parents and children would come. The kids would be led through a group of activities that would expose them to fun things they can do with their XO, and parents would be led through training sessions so they too can help their kids at home.

We currently need someone to take lead for this project. UNDERCLASSMEN, THIS MEANS YOU!!!

Haiti Support

Recent events in Haiti have turned our attention to perhaps one of the poorest nations in the world, and now may be a good time to get involved with the Haiti effort. Recently, there was a brief conference in the Boston area discussing next steps, in which our very own Jeffkinson has participarted. In short, they are going to hire ~100 very soon in 20 locations across Haiti and do a first-stage deployment with 400 children (including expanding their existing pilots somewhat). They hope to at a later date trace down the 13000 laptops already in the country and make sure they get into the hands of teachers and students. It’s purely speculative, but there might be 10000-20000 additional laptops with Haitian keyboards that OLPC may or may not be sitting on. In the words of Jeff: “In any case, it’s likely to get very big, and I’m sure we can help in crucial areas. I’m just not sure yet what those are.”

Visit and contact Jeff Atkinson for more info.

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