Friday, February 5, 2010

This Year: Ongoing Projects


Last semester, we began a new and exciting adventure in seeing how much of the XO's features we could test out, and built a small robot! If you were around at EXPO last semester, you might have seen it move around under only simple manipulations in TurtleArt, which is super exciting. Contact Ian and Elsa to get involved! More info on the wiki page:

Olin College Repair Center

We will continue operations of our repair center here, but with a few modifications to structure, mainly in that we will begin charging people when possible in order to cover our own costs and expedite the process. If you are interested in helping out, this is a great opportunity to get involved if you want to learn more about the XO, as the group is more than happy to train you in whatever is necessary. Contact Ian Daniher for more info.

Support Gang Conference Call

One great way of learning what is going on in OLPC is to attend the weekly Support Gang conference calls, in which the wonderful Adam Holt and SJ Klein will coordinate a discussion about what is going on in OLPC politics, what big changes are coming, and how to respond to current XO users. If you are really into this, we can show you how to become a support gang member yourself and answer RT tickets, a somewhat mindless but super fulfilling task!

Cambridge Friends School Tech Support

Our latest interactions with CFS have been in getting them set up with a new printer for their laptops. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Xy or Elsa for details; they will love you immensely!

Cambridge Friends School Turtle Art

There has been talk lately of extending our Turtle Art curriculum to CFS, where we already have some support. If you would be interested in pursuing this effort, contact Elsa for more info.



As our brilliant leader Elsa Culler is studying away next semester, we must begin the process of training a new Club Leader (affectionately titled Pong Person.) Keep your ears perked for info, and if you're interested in the position, let Elsa know so she can begin the training process!


Every year we have problems with documentation. The wiki ends up being too messy, and our meeting notes are a bit too personal to the people who actually show up to meetings. So this semester we're going to try a two-pronged attack; Tank is going to keep the wiki organized, documenting everything we've done, and I'm going to send out weekly digests to keep you updated with what is new and urgent. This means if you have news you want to include, or just some fun jokes, you should email me about it!

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